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Technical Advisory

At Navitacum we take advantage of cross technology to offer advice on your renewable energy project. We are qualified to provide services in all phases of solar technology projects providing any technical support that may be required from the development phase to operation.

We have participated as independent technical advisors in more than 80 GW of solar technology projects. We are a platform for the management and optimization of renewable energy assets. Our goal is to help the world make the transition from traditional energy to renewables.

  • Technical consulting

    Combining our technical expertise with the experience gained in project development, engineering and construction, Navitacum offers advice at whatever stage the renewable asset is at, with the objective of identifying and managing risk, ensuring an efficient and successful acquisition.

  • Engineering & construction

    From our project experience we have learned that operational problems are often related to the early stages of a project's life: negotiation, design, construction and quality control. Our technical team can act as an independent representative of the project owner, providing management, design, planning and planning and quality control services before, during and after the construction phase. These challenges also extend beyond the construction completion and warranty period.

  • Development support

    In the early stages of renewable project development, it is vital to assess potential risks, mitigations, liabilities or non-compliance issues that may arise. Identifying failures at an early stage will reduce CAPEX costs and allow you to focus on the best options to achieve the project's profitability objectives. At Navitacum, we will use our experience to guide you through all the complex steps you may encounter when developing your projects.

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