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Operation & Maintenance

We firmly believe that a key factor in maintaining the good health of assets is to have solid preventive maintenance procedures in place and to detect potential problems through data analysis. To keep everything running smoothly and as efficiently as possible, we focus on both in-office and off-site work.

Desktop work

We monitor the equipment so that we can perform daily monitoring and develop the fastest possible response. We also obtain very revealing results in a subsequent data analysis, always achieving significant improvements in the work.

On site work

We give the fastest response to possible problems 365 days a year, our technicians are able to find the cause of the error and fix it quickly. We also take care of maintenance to improve the life of the equipment and the performance of the asset.

At Navitacum we offer a series of reliable and tailor-made services. We are based on three fundamental pillars for us:

Preventive maintenance

  • Main equipment regular inspection & periodic maintenance
  • Solar Modules Cleaning
  • Land Clearing & Pest Control
  • Guaranteed Performance Ratio (PR)
    & Minimum Availability
  • Real-Time SCADA Monitoring
  • Site Security System Management

Corrective maintenance

  • Early Response and Repairs to Unpredicted Equipment Failure
  • Early Response to Site Security Emergencies
  • Root-cause analysis of production anomalies
  • Creation and update Technical Training and Procedures

Optimization and improvements

  • Operation & Maintenance Improvement Plans
  • Repairs / Damage Assessment Report
  • KPI’s Analysis and Improvements
    Assessment Reports
  • Power Plant and Site Condition Assessment
  • Energy Yield Assessment
  • Develop Improvement Plans to Guarantee
    Maximum Energy Production


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