About Navitacum

Navitacum is a consulting formed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists in renewable energies. Our development strategy is based on three fundamental principles:

Respect for the environment.

A social responsibility policy that helps boost the economy in a shared, harmonious manner.

An effective environmental policy that promotes the rational use of resources.

Navitacum is a “global supplier of services” aimed at financial investors with clean energy projects, electricity companies interested in expanding their asset portfolio, industries wishing to build facilities for producing or acquiring their own energy, and even public administrations implementing renewable energy development plans.

Our group offers a wide market catalogue. From design, evaluation, engineering, construction and sale of photovoltaic projects through to the operation, maintenance and management of project assets throughout their useful life.

Navitacum is a Spanish-Swiss company operating since 2005. Our main focus is to offer advice with full guarantee in the purchase and sale of projects.


Develop advanced solutions that help bring about real parity between the different energy sources. Our services span project managing, technical Due Diligences, control and monitoring of installations, PPA management, engineering and tender Call.


We aim to assist our clients in a professional manner and with integrity in the interests of a long-term relationship as a valued and trusted business partner.


Innovation, integrity, service, teamwork, talent and ambition.