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Asset management​

At Navitacum we are aware of the financial consequences of poor asset management and that is why we offer comprehensive services to owners to help them manage their photovoltaic projects in an optimal way, technically, administratively and financially. From a committed and responsible management on behalf of the owner, we obtain the best result for the optimization of the project’s performance. Our asset management capabilities are based on our extensive knowledge, experience and organization.

One of our main focuses within asset management is the technical side which consists of overseeing maintenance and ensuring that the maintenance and repair provider arrives on time, meets its performance guarantees and does not overcharge for corrective maintenance due to insufficient preventive maintenance.

We also offer our clients administrative and financial asset management including accounting control, administrative management that the facility is obliged to do due to current regulations, relations with grid operators, insurance management and claims handling, energy production reports for economic revenue programs, etc…

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